Take you to reveal the leader of the contract market——OMEX exchange

Nov 26, 2020

Since the establishment of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), the first modern futures exchange in 1848, futures contracts have become the most common financial instrument in traditional financial markets. With the rapid development of the blockchain industry, the advent of the contract era has become a historical necessity, which also means the arrival of a new outlet comparable to the spot market.
In the process of cryptocurrency growth, OMEX, as a contract trading platform, makes its own contribution to the entire industry. Since the beginning of 2020, OMEX has upgraded its product line many times, enhancing the user experience and feelings. In addition, DeFi products on the OMEX platform have developed rapidly. In the future, after the entire OMEX ecosystem is built, I believe that this trading platform will provide services to more users and build the entire blockchain ecosystem.
OMEX provides users with safe, convenient and efficient digital asset currency and derivatives trading services. Provide blockchain real-time information tracking for global users, bring together elites who love blockchain, and commit to building a digital asset trading platform center. Our mission: We believe in the core ideas of Bitcoin and blockchain, and believe that distributed ledger and smart contract technology will build a foundation of human trust, eliminate transaction barriers, improve transaction efficiency, and have a significant impact on human real economy. Therefore, we gave up a lot of temptations and devoted ourselves to the tide of the blockchain technology revolution, hoping to do a little bit to change the world. OMEX will launch high-quality digital assets from time to time. All digital assets have undergone strict risk control screening, not limited to the credibility and liquidity of the assets, and provide stable and effective support for the digital asset market.

The current contract market is still in the stage of competing for the best, whether it is the head or the newcomer, all aspects are not perfect.

Although the contract market is developing rapidly, the chaos in the contract market has become more and more serious. Among them, the most criticized are exchanges guarding and stealing, manipulating market conditions, such as inserting needles and unplugging network cables, which make investors hate it. OMEX provides another set of solutions to provide investors with a fairer trading environment. Its market cannot be manipulated, no pins, no network cables, and unlimited depth to ensure that investors can open positions instantly and without slippage.

The current contract market is still in the stage of competing for the best, whether it is the head or the newcomer, all aspects are not perfect. OMEX is one of the first batch of contract players. Its stable style of "work hard and look up to the road" makes it have a good product experience and a large user base, making it the first stop of choice for contract whites.

The contract market, like the spot market, will eventually form a Matthew effect, resulting in a winner-takes-all situation. The development of OMEX has always adhered to the continuous principle of "fairness and no evil", providing users with a good service experience and a complete risk control system. Only by sticking to the heart can the last laugh in the fierce contract battle.


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