Mike Marko Publishes Post on Facebook Marketing for Dummies

May 28, 2019

May 29, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Mike Marko of IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has just released a new post on his website about Facebook marketing for dummies. Marko states that he wrote the article with the aim of helping other business owners make the most of using Facebook to extend their brand’s reach. Marko clarifies that despite what many business owners think, getting a handful of likes and shares on the platform isn’t enough to indicate they’re already using it successfully. True Facebook marketing involves more effort as well as better rewards than that, says the seasoned digital marketer.

Marko begins his piece on Facebook business marketing by outlining its importance. He says that businesses should be on it because it has the most active users among social networks, besides being an excellent place for business advertisement. Marko is quick to clarify, however, that paid advertising is not the only way to promote a brand on the social network. He admits to its importance, but nevertheless argues that there are other methods of reaching consumers on the platform.

Thus he leads to his first step in his basic guide on how to market on Facebook. For those who are not on the platform yet, he says it’s the process of creating a Facebook page. Marko believes the creation of an optimized Facebook page integral to marketing a brand on the network for various reasons. First, a Facebook page offers vital features for business promotion, such as call-to-action buttons. Second, a Facebook page is a prerequisite for advertisement on the platform. Without one, business users can’t create ads to release on the social network.

Marko guides his readers through the process of creating a Facebook page. He notes that a personal account is needed for it and that the account used will be tied to that page afterwards. Following that, he then outlines how to promote a business Facebook page effectively. Doing this helps businesses find new leads or potential customers, he says, going to state that there are at least two common methods of doing it. The first is through paid advertisement on Facebook. The second is through partnering with an influencer with a significant number of followers. The idea is to use either or even both methods to expose the business to new consumers, says Marko. In this way, his readers can dramatically increase their brands’ reach.

After this, Marko goes on to talk about the basics of marketing a business on Facebook with the help of an official business page. He commences by telling his readers that they need to come up with an organized and feasible marketing plan. This plan should address essential points such as the manner in which the business is going to reach out to its target customers, how it plans to deal with the competition, and how it can improve its own visibility in the market.

“Marketing plans are absolutely necessary to anyone trying to promote a business,” Marko says. “If you try to use Facebook -- or any other social media platform, for that matter -- without a coherent idea of what you plan to achieve and how you plan to achieve it, you’re likely to fail. A marketing plan organizes your thoughts and gives you a roadmap to executing them. It also gives you a way to keep an eye on your budget, your resource distribution, and so on. That’s why it just has to be in any basic guide to Facebook marketing.”

Marko states in his post too that business owners promoting on Facebook should be certain to communicate regularly with their audience. Interaction, says Marko, is vital to the very process of Facebook marketing.

“There’s no way to use a social media network like Facebook effectively without engagement,” the marketer asserts. “There’s a reason they’re called ‘social networks’! The key here is to socialize and interact with the consumers every chance you get. You want to engage your audience because that’s one of the ways you get them to interact with you in turn. That’s why your marketing plan should have interaction with the audience built into it. Keeping yourself aloof from the consumers can’t benefit your brand in any way.”

Marko also reminds his readers that they need to come up with a content strategy for their Facebook marketing. Besides listing the different types of content that can be posted on the platform, he notes that content is another way to get audience interest and engagement. Marko claims that compelling content is best for that purpose, and so advises business owners to focus on that.

Marko regularly posts other articles on digital marketing and social media on his website. This latest article is only one of his many pieces on social media marketing as well as Facebook marketing. He and his team at IMCS offer business owners various marketing services, including personal consultations on what he can offer to help their brands grow and get more customers. Those interested in learning more can find Marko’s contact details on his official website. They can also review more of his digital marketing guides on his blog.


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