Light Coin Group is going to complete the STO process and launch the Lightcoin.Exchange platform

Oct 14, 2020

Litecoin exchange platform launch

October 14, 2020 —

Light Coin Group, formerly known as the Light Touch Research Institute, was founded in 2017 in Europe. They are a team of experts from 15 countries around the world working together and researching in the fields of science and technology, financial markets and breakthrough economic applications.

Their vision is to become a global leading company in researching and commercial activities based on breakthrough technologies. They have now completed the first phase of development (research and financial resources preparation). They are now being in the second phase of development with the goal of completing and putting their breakthrough projects into stable operation.

In the next 5-10 years, they will focus all their efforts on these projects to achieve their vision and mission goals.

LCG is the Light Coin Group token based on the ERC20 standard of Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of LCG is 1 billion, with no additional issuance forever. LCG is valued as a share of Light Coin Group after STO. The revenue of Light Coin Group will be distributed to LCG holders in proportion. Specific method: 80% revenue of the exchange platform * LCG amount held by user / current circulating volume of LCG. Investors holding LCG token of the company will receive quarterly dividends according to the company’s regulations

Previously, Light Coin Group has done the LCG airdrop program to the community and it received an extremely positive reception from members around the globe. Next, LCG was deployed to sell STO directly on the website STO was fast, with large buyers and strong demand. Each STO round only takes place in 3-5 hours while the expected time is 7 days. This thing proves the attractiveness of LCG tokens.
Recently, LCG was sold on the Vindax exchange through the IEO program. Accordingly, Light Coin Group has signed a cooperation contract to issue LCG with the Vindax exchange (one of the top 30 exchanges with the largest trading volume today). The IEO process also went smoothly and ended after 2 rounds of selling.

In the coming time, LCG will continue to be open for sale in the final rounds on the platform. Then the LCG will be traded globally. The STO on is expected to attract a lot of members to join and attract the attention of the global community. This is clear because LCG is a very potential and valuable token for each owner.
Along with LCG token and STO program, Light Coin Group recently got the spotlight with the project. Light Coin Exchange is a project to develop cryptocurrency exchanges under the Light Coin Group. Their goal is to become one of the top 10 most potential exchanges in 2020 and to become one of the best exchanges in the world in the next 5 years in terms of trading volume and number of customers.

Their strength is the strong financial, a team of experienced experts, and breakthrough research on technology and the market. They are confident about the project’s goals and vision. Not only creating the perfect trading environment for their customers, but they also aim to deep cooperation and long-term benefits for their customers.

Light coin exchange is known as an exchange with outstanding advantages
-High Performance: capable of processing 1,000,000 orders per second
-Strong Security: Multiple verifications, Cooperation with multiple top security institutions
- Full Services: Full services from cryptocurrency purchase, trading to management and investment

Light Coin Exchange is one of the top choices of clients in the field of trading. Light Coin Exchange is a reputable trading platform that voted by users and communities worldwide. Light Coin Exchange provides a safe and reliable service with best support services like 24/24 support to answer questions and solve any problem from customers. Along with its outstanding advantages, Light Coin Exchange receives positive reviews from thousands of global customers. This is the driving force for Light Coin Exchange to continue to grow and become a world-class reputable, high-quality trading trading platform.

In addition to direct market development, Light Coin Exchange also has market development policies for its members. Partners and customers can share referral link to their friends and relatives to receive rewards from Light Coin Exchange's affiliate program. With an affiliate marketing policy that pays a high commission to recommender, members can easily earn a passive income based on the transactions of referral members. The income from affiliate programs is unlimited, depending on the number of ytheir referral members as well as the volume of their transactions. This is a great policy from Light Coin Exchange to increase customer benefits as well as bring a huge community of members to Light Coin Exchange. is promised to be a breakthrough product, an exchange of the future. In the near future, they will see become one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world.

Project website:

Contact Info:
Name: Callum Miller
Email: Send Email
Organization: Light Coin Group

Release ID: 88980862


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