A new generation of contract exchange-OMEX turned out to be popular on the whole network

Nov 26, 2020

OMEX Contract Exchange has a professional and experienced blockchain technology and operation team, committed to providing a safe, convenient, stable and low transaction cost platform for global digital asset contract trading users. The platform provides Chinese and English support to optimize the experience for global users

1. PC, mobile phone, Android and iOS terminals are complete: computers and mobile terminals are complete to maximize the usage habits of different user groups.

2. The operation interface is simple and clear, beautiful and comfortable: OMEX platform pursues the ultimate user experience, and the interactive interface is simple and easy to use.

3. Millisecond transaction speed: The OMEX digital asset trading system is designed to have a concurrency of 500,000 per second, and it stably supports high amounts of data and high concurrency. The transaction mechanism adopts fixed spreads and centralized matching and hedging transactions. The transaction speed of entering and closing positions can reach the millisecond level. Traders can instantly respond to the rapid rise and fall of market changes during the transaction.

4. Collect global mainstream digital assets and complete transactions: The platform provides the current 7 major global digital assets.

5. The perpetual contract model most popular with current users: With the deepening of the contract transaction model and the continuous improvement of market and user needs, the traditional contract transaction model has been upgraded to the perpetual contract transaction model.
The perpetual contract model has been popular in the market as soon as it was launched. Compared with the traditional contract trading model, perpetual contracts have no delivery period and traders can hold positions for a long time. OMEX is one of the earliest trading platforms to provide and focus on the perpetual contract model.

6. Very low transaction cost: Transaction cost is one of the most concerned factors for users. OMEX always takes the concept of providing the most cost-effective products to ensure that transaction costs are at a lower level in the industry.

7. Unique risk control mechanism: The OMEX digital asset trading platform uses a stop-profit and stop-loss mechanism based on the transaction price, which is more accurate to the minimum risk than the traditional price-based stop-profit and stop-loss mechanism. It can be calculated to the single digit of the account balance. This risk control mechanism can help traders overcome the fears generated during the transaction.

8. It is necessary to perform multiple complicated calculations of the ratio of liquidation. In addition, it is difficult for ordinary investors to calculate the transaction risk caused by different leverage. More importantly, it is easy to produce changes in mentality during the calculation process. This change is in the transaction. After becoming unpredictable, it is easy to produce risk-fear syndrome. Relative to optional leverage, fixed leverage isolates the calculation risk generated when choosing, and each transaction can see the most intuitive results in the account, allowing traders to easily control transaction risks.


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