Oct 29, 2020

Judi Silvano and Bruce Arnold Celebrate New Sonic-Twist® "UNITY" Releases With October Music and Videos

October 30, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Sonic-Twist® features Judi Silvano, Voice, and Bruce Arnold, Guitar. The duo celebrates October with the next four music/video recordings from their new recording project "Unity". Joining them on video are dancer/choreographers Maria Mitchell and Hilary Brown. Michal Shapiro’s videography and editing add to the Sonic-Twist® collaboration. Sonic-Twist® new CD "UNITY" will be released in its entirety in the first week of January. The duo is taking an innovative approach to the releases and is showcasing one new composition with video each week until the entire project’s full release. Each month until January 2021 the duo will showcase four or five new pieces. Silvano and Arnold continue to explore spontaneous musical co-composition and the dimension of dance on these latest releases on the label. "Confabulation", "I Saw That", "Bruce’s Boogie" and "Dryads" push the boundaries of music and dance. "Confabulation" featuring the choreography and dance work of Maria Mitchell, weaves a sinuous, shuddering emotionally stoic dance with striking visual video editing by Michal Shapiro. Silvano’s voice expresses a dark and probing energy while Arnold's guitar maintains a rhythmic pulse that drives the music and creates a feeling of intensity. Silvano comments about "Confabulation": "I love the way Maria Mitchell is so deeply focused. I think she is brilliant in her emotional portrayals of all the phases in the music and therefore all that her character goes through in this little saga. Her choreographic impulses connect on a very deep level of humanity." "I Saw That" is a light-hearted exploration of the fleeting element of "time". How words can be juggled, pulled, and tugged to stretch out new thoughts and meanings from simple phrases. "I Saw That" features Michal Shapiro’s cousin’s dog, who is a mix of dachshund and border collie, running around on the grass. The dog seems to be conveying Silvano’s words to the listener. "I Saw That" is a hilarious romp on the grass with a mystical twist. "Bruce’s Boogie" begins with a modern, geometric, clean visual. Hilary Brown’s dance concept conveys a sense of fun and contemporary visual humor with a mime like element. With bold lines and sinewy movement, the sense of play is palpable. Arnold’s guitar is humorous as well, with electronic wah-wah kind of sounds. Silvano’s voice bounces back and forth, upending octaves, creating cascading waterfalls of sound. The last piece of these four releases is "Dryads". A "dryad" is also known as a hamadryad. In Greek mythology, a dryad is a nymph or nature spirit who lives in trees and takes the form of a beautiful young woman. Dryads were originally the spirits of oak trees, but the name was later applied to all tree nymphs. "Dryads" opens with a majestic guitar intro, Silvano’s voice joins the guitar with a combination of octave jumps, whispers, and a wordless stream of vocal color. Here in "Dryads", Hilary Brown is in a completely different visual context. With a background video created by Shapiro consisting of trees thrashing about in different colors and windy abandon, Ms. Brown choreographs a homage to the tree spirits fit for a Goddess in a Greek myth. This second installment of four compositions is a heady mix of sound and color. Check out Sonic-Twist® here: Confabulation: I Saw That: Bruce’s Boogie: Dryads: Judi Silvano: Bruce Arnold: Coming up in November and December, nine new single releases of Sonic-Twist® CD "UNITY". Look for the full release of all seventeen music/videos from "UNITY" in early January 2021. ###For more information about Sonic Twist® Record Label: Muse Eek Recordings, contact the company here:Sonic Twist® Record Label: Muse Eek RecordingsMichal Shapiromichal@muse-eek.comReleaseID: 60039169

Oct 29, 2020

New Water Damage Restoration Company Serving Monument, CO

October 30, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Water damages the homes and businesses of thousands of people every single day in just the United States. It doesn't matter how much preventative measures are taken, there is still a risk of water damage occuring in any property. Water will continue to damage whatever it is around and also encourages mold growth. It should be treated immediately in order to more affordable restore the property back to pre-disaster conditions. Mold growth will hurt the structure of the building it is in making it unsafe to live and work there. It also spreads bacteria which could lead to illness to anyone nearby and it makes the aire unhealthy to breathe. The most common cause of water damage that result in mold growth is a leaky pipe. Most people won't realize the pipe is leaking until it is too late. Whirlwind Water Damage Restoration is here to offer 24/7 protection against water damage and mold growth to the residents of Monument, Colorado. They have been helping local residents and business owners with a variety of restoration services for over two decades now. Their team has years of experience and have been professionally trained to ensure that they are prepared for any damage they are faced with, no matter how big or small. The president of the company recently said in a phone interview last week, "Safety, reliability, and speed are out top priorities when performing any job. In that order. We do every job all the way. Our team is thorough and never cuts corners to ensure 100% satisfaction among out customers as well as preventing any possibility of mold growth in the future. It is our goal to help as many people as possible take care of the damage in their home." They are known mostly for they water damage restoration services but also offer a wide variety of other solutions. They can be hired for fire, mold, storm, and sewage backup restoration services as well. They minimize expenses and maximize results to return the property back to pre-disaster condition. Their team also offers preventative procedures to ensure that there is no risk of damage in the future. Their team is on standby at all times and would love to help anyone with their questions or concerns. Water damage should be dealt with fast so people should contact Whirlwind Water Damage Restoration immediately. They will completely return the property to new in the most safe, reliable, and affordable way possible. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at ###For more information about Whirlwind Water Damage Restoration Monument, CO, contact the company here:Whirlwind Water Damage Restoration Monument, COWhirlwind Water Damage Restoration(719) 212-4585Monument, CO 80132ReleaseID: 60039012

Oct 29, 2020® Spherexx CRM Gains Twenty-Four Companies in 2020

Pandemic Ignites Importance of Retaining and Responding to Apartment Shoppers with Low-touch Digital LeasingDALLAS - Oct. 29, 2020 - PRLog -- ILoveLeasing CRM was innately response-ready for such an unexpected marketing era as COVID-19 introduced in March 2020. The program is structured in such a way as to quickly allow flexible workflows and integrations were in place with hundreds of online advertisers and popular property management software providers.When COVID-19 initiated business lockdowns the Spherexx team implemented a method of uploading onsite generated walking video tours in ILoveLeasing subscribers' email and text correspondence and added video and interactive touring options to its website tour scheduling software. Additionally, Spherexx created a system that tracked virtual touring performance, engagement, and closing ratios. While property management personnel were suddenly coping with lockdowns, sanitation, serving residents who were facing employment upheavals, and protecting staff members from exposure, ILoveLeasing provided a digital highway to show and close prospective residents who were moving in the midst of the shuffle. Leasing continued, vacancy was filled."We have done in-depth studies over millions of lead interactions that confirm the importance of responding to prospects within a half-hour; after that opportunity drops 25% and falls quickly from there. We equip leasing teams with tools that make it simple to connect, follow-up and close prospects," said Becca Wilson, Spherexx owner and CEO.ILoveLeasing also provides extensive reporting with drilldowns to granular leasing data along with advertising performance analysis and advertising viability studies that determine the best marketing investments. Community and corporate portfolio reporting are on demand and updated with property management software bi-hourly, reports are always current.Additional ILoveLeasing Services:Advertising automation syndication: update advertising across multiple platforms with a single eventCall Tracking/Recording insures telephone best practices and call captureDynamic Number Insert creates tracking by multiple advertising sourcesBroadcast Email/Text OptionsLeasing Tablet ApplicationFirst Responder Service for Properties Under ConstructionCall Scoring ServicesDocument Management SystemPerformance CoachingApple® and Android® Mobile Application IncludedAbout® Advertising Agency | Software Development | Business® is an advertising agency, software development and business intelligence provider that offers a wide selection of professional services including web design and development, touchscreen kiosks, Internet lead generation tools, online advertising, consulting, advanced mobile technology, apartment lease-up marketing consulting, kiosk, and search engine performance. The company also provides branding services, video/multimedia production, print media, and copywriting, as well as website and email hosting, database solutions, pay per click, e-commerce solutions, and custom programming.The company has developed CRM (customer relationship management) products, marketing and lead generation tools that allow clients to better manage and convert leads to leases and sales and increase property values. These applications are branded under® Spherexx CRM +, Spherexx Market Insights,® Spherexx Revenue Management Optimization, LeasingBook tablet application, Apartment Commission Tracking, Inspect, Learning Management System and advanced integrations with popular property management software providers.ContactKatheryn Freeberg, CPM, Vice President Corporate Communications &®***@spherexx.comPhotos: (Click photo to enlarge) Read Full Story -® Spherexx CRM Gains Twenty-Four Companies in 2020 | More news from this sourcePress release distribution by PRLog

Oct 29, 2020

Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty Speaks Why Real Estate Agents Matter

October 30, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Industry expert Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty speaks up on why hiring a professional real estate agent in Bluffton SC is a must when acquiring or selling a property. Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty points out that the real estate market can be a very overwhelming industry. The process of selling a house and putting it up in the market can be tedious, especially for those without any experience, she added. The real estate professional noted that hiring an agent offers an array of benefits. The first reason is for the paperwork. The company states that "Selling a property involves tons of paperwork—federal requirements, state-mandated forms, contracts, house documents, and many more. Real estate agents are more than familiar with the process and can handle all the paperwork for homeowners and buyers in Bluffton, SC." Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty likewise emphasized that hiring a real estate agent can help sell your house fast. They connect buyers with the latest houses for sale in Bluffton, SC. She also added that "agents know how to market your property, providing tried and tested marketing strategies and techniques. More than just selling, they also help in putting a value to a property. They help sellers offer an appropriate price for their home." Real estate agents also have a vast network of professionals in the real estate industry. Thus, they can connect homebuyers and sellers to the biggest real estate companies in Bluffton, SC. Furthermore, they have superior negotiating skills, helping every homeowner and sellers get the best deal possible. "Real estate agents are there to help you save time, effort, and money while closing a good deal for your property at the same time." One seasoned professional real estate agent in Bluffton SC is Yvette Acuff. She is currently an associate broker for Carson Realty, one of the best real estate agencies in the Lowcountry. Based in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC, she works with a team of real estate professionals who can help anyone sell their house for the best value possible. "Together with our team, we can assure you that we can sell your house for the best price in no time," adds Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty. With over 40 years of service in the industry Real Estate in Bluffton SC, Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty is a respected personality in SC. She gained popularity for her five-star service as an associate broker with Carson Realty. She's an actual founder of the Multiple Listing Service of Hilton Head Island (HHIMLS). To know more about Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty and the latest Commercial Real Estate Listings In Bluffton, SC Visit their website at , contact 843 384 0619. Find Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty at 2 Hampton Hall Blvd., Bluffton, SC 29910. ###For more information about Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty, contact the company here:Yvette Acuff of Carson RealtyYvette Acuff843-384-0619yacuff@carsonrealtysc.com2 Hampton Hall Blvd.Bluffton, SC 29910ReleaseID: 60039168

Oct 29, 2020

Hard Drive Recovery Associates Shares VPN Tips

October 30, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Irvine, CA-based Hard Drive Recovery Associates recently published a new post about the advantages of using a VPN, offering several tips for the community as well. The company, which has been serving their clients since 1990 to the highest standard, are taking this initiative to better educate their clients. Anyone in the modern era with a basic knowledge of computers has encountered VPNs, otherwise known as Virtual Private Networks. The article begins with a breakdown of VPNs and how they work. To quote the post, "Virtual Private Networks are private networks that exist because two (or more) locations need to be connected with each other so that it would appear and they would work like they are in the same network." The post explains that when a VPN is created, people who have access to it can be far apart, and they can use it to access the network itself or another network (which may be a public one). Businesses use VPNs so that their private networks can be more secure and so that remote employees, who may be working quite a distance from the office, can have access to company data hosted in those office networks. With the onset of the pandemic, this benefit has been of great use since lockdowns are forcing employees all over the world to work from their homes. This also is a cost efficient way for companies to maintain secure offsite data. For individual users, VPNs have the benefit of being a reliable way of remaining anonymous while one is browsing. VPNs are also known to do a good job in securing data when one is using networks that have poor security, such as free WiFi public networks. Thus, when it comes to assessing the pros and cons, one may come to believe VPNs provide more advantages than disadvantages. While that is not necessarily untrue, the article goes on to highlight that if an individual is considering using a VPN, it is best to have a thorough knowledge of the benefits so they can maximize their usage. VPNs provide enhanced security as they primarily encrypt all one’s network traffic, so transmission through the network is very secure. Therefore, when one is using an unsecured network (like WiFi hotspots in malls, airports and libraries), using a VPN can prevent eavesdroppers on that network from seeing one’s traffic, therefore rendering them unable to steal confidential data stored on one’s devices (such as credit card information or passwords). To quote the post, "Along with being able to hide their IP address and location, users of VPNs also have their personal data hidden, thanks to some sort of encryption system." VPNs also have the capability of bypassing geo-restrictions. For example, many users tend to get frustrated with the fact that they cannot watch certain videos on Youtube due to restrictions based on their location. With a VPN, one may avoid such frustrations as the VPN gets all network traffic through a virtual tunnel, which makes it look like one is accessing the web from another location (the VPN’s) as opposed to one’s actual location. Thus, if one wants to access sites that place heavy geo-restrictions on their content, a VPN acts as the free pass to such sites. VPNs also change the IP address a website sees and makes it seem that one is from a different region or country. If successful, one may only have to conform to the regional pricing intended for that country, which can be less than the price for one’s actual location. VPNs allow a person to download anonymously as well. An internet service provider may maintain a watchlist for heavy downloaders who inconvenience the network. The provider — and even some government agencies — may not be able to track a person who uses a VPN. The post makes it a point to reiterate that one must be sure to only download material they are legally entitled to. To find out more about the services offered by Hard Drive Recovery Associates, one may visit the company’s website. They may also be contacted directly via phone call and email. ###For more information about Hard Drive Recovery Associates, contact the company here:Hard Drive Recovery AssociatesJack Edwards(949) 258-9465jedwards@harddrivefailurerecovery.net12 Mauchly #7 Irvine, CA 92618ReleaseID: 60038811

Oct 29, 2020

Advanced Website Strategies Offers Free Online Marketing Consultation

October 30, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Businesses who want to be found online can now get a free consultation from the respected Online Marketing Agency in South Carolina ー Advanced Website Strategies. Through the agency’s online marketing service, they create brands for businesses that want to build their profitability. They also bring every client more phone calls, more leads, and more profit. "Our team of experienced online experts knows exactly what to do to bring your business higher rankings in Google and Bing. We build massive traffic to your website and know how to get visitors to convert to buyers, whether it is a service or product (or both) that you sell," Advanced Website Strategies states. Advanced Website Strategies said that it is high time for businesses to go into online marketing. It is because the audience is now online. "On average, people spend about three hours on the internet per day. Putting money into internet marketing offers you the best return on investment (ROI) with the ability to measure your results," the digital marketing company adds. The Social Media Development and Campaign Company in South Carolina says online marketing can also promote brand visibility. It also allows businesses to connect with their customers. The company says, "Internet marketing not only makes it easy for businesses to connect with customers, both new and returning, but allows you to attract and retain those customers. With internet marketing, you can continually advertise and share information about your services and with new, upcoming products." Advanced Website Strategies also have a team of experts who know Google algorithms and code your website with structured data that speaks directly to Google’s crawlers. "We promise to go above and beyond for you and ensure we exceed your expectations. We want you to dominate and be found online as the leader of your business and in your location. We will walk that journey with you," the digital marketing expert said. Advanced Website Strategies is an industry leader with over 15 years of experience. They have both the experience and education necessary to get the job done right. Besides Online Marketing, they also provide Content Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, and Media Marketing through video, podcasting, and webinars. To know more about the digital marketing services of the Best SEO Company in South Carolina, check their website at Get a free consultation by calling 843-422-7458 or send an email to Their office is located at 663 William Hilton Pkwy #4309, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928. ###For more information about Advanced Website Strategies , contact the company here:Advanced Website Strategies EDWARD GELB(843) 422-7458advancedwebsitestrategies@gmail.com663 William Hilton Pkwy #4309Hilton Head Island, SC 29928ReleaseID: 60039167

Oct 29, 2020

Vanguard Legal Marketing Promotes Brand Building For Attorneys

October 30, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Vanguard Legal Marketing, a Digital Marketing Company for Lawyers, says that brand building is also crucial in the law profession nowadays. And as more clients go online to find law services, the number of competition also increases. To attract clients, law firms and lawyers must establish a stronger branding online. Branding is the identity of the company; it is what separates them from their competition. Meantime, to win a competitive position, attorneys must present an offer that is unique and, in a way, relevant to the needs of the people in search of their service. "When your brand earns a place in your potential client's mind, you need to hold that position by delivering a brand experience that is perfectly in line with that person's desire or need," says Vanguard Legal Marketing. When it comes to Brand Building For Attorneys, Vanguard Legal Marketing is an expert. The digital marketing company does this through the content created, with visuals on the website and media such as photos and videos. "Vanguard Legal Marketing will build your brand based on actual data and information rather than assumptions," they add. Meanwhile, the digital marketing company has been providing different online services for lawyers in SC. Vanguard Legal Marketing mainly offers Branding Your Law Firm, Content Creation, Online Marketing for Attorneys, Paid Advertising, Website Design & Development, and Social Media for Lawyers. Vanguard Legal Marketing also caters to lawyers with different specializations. Vanguard Legal Marketing caters to criminal defense attorneys, personal injury attorneys, family law attorneys, real estate attorneys, and solo attorneys. "We pride ourselves on being different. We won't just say it's our integrity or our service, though we stand above in those areas. It's our guts to stand up and win for our clientele. It's our deep devotion to excellence in serving attorneys online. We know highly advanced marketing and technology skills that other online marketers simply do not use or understand." The Online Marketing for Attorneys in Bluffton, SC also provides a free quotation. Clients can schedule the consultation and get a customized marketing plan for free in their inbox. For more information on branding for creation for lawyer marketing, visit Vanguard Legal Marketing's official website at Consult about your business and get a free customized legal marketing plan by calling (843) 547-2228. Vanguard Legal Marketing is located at 11 Parklands Dr. # 1631, Bluffton, SC 29910. ###For more information about Vanguard Legal Marketing, contact the company here:Vanguard Legal MarketingEd Gelb(843) 547-2228ed@vanguardlm.com11 Parklands Dr #1631Bluffton, SC 29910 60039166

Oct 29, 2020

Local Company Helping Colorado Springs Residents Protect From Water Damage

October 30, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - One of the most common occurrences that cause damage to a home is water damage. Water is very destructive and can leave stains, damage buildings, and encourages mold growth. Water ultimately creates unsafe living conditions that make the building unstable and the air quality poor. Mold can spread harmful bacteria that can make an entire family sick. Luckily, the residents of Colorado Springs are safe from this problem because We Restore Water Damage is now offering 24/7 protection for water damage. This way local residents and business owners can be safe no matter what time it is. Their team answers the call quickly and arrives to the damaged area as fast as possible. The company follows a really simple, yet reliable, three-step process that guarantees thorough restoration and complete protection from mold growth in the future. This process is what really makes the company stand out from the others. "We keep our solutions affordable and never sacrifice quality because we believe residents deserve the best service. Mold growth is dangerous and we take pride in helping property owners protect their health," the manager told us. The process starts by assessing the damage. Their team of expert technicians will analyze the damaged area and thoroughly assess everything. They will look for the cause of the water damage and see how extensive the damage is. Most of the time, water damage isn’t what it seems to the common person. Their professionals will be able to look at problems that most people don’t know to look for in order to protect the property in the future. Then, they will do water extraction and sanitization. "Once we have fully assesed the property we make sure all of the water is completely removed. This includes looking for any hidden standing water; we want to discourage the possibility of mold growth," the manager added. As soon as the water is removed they will begin mold remediation in order to get rid of current mold and prevent mold growth in the future. This guarantees that the building is a healthy environment for everyone. The final step is the restoration process. Once all of the water and mold is removed their team will begin to restore the property back to pre-disaster condition. They use advanced techniques and equipment in order to guarantee the damages are quickly repaired. After the restoration they will do one last sweep over the property to make sure no water or mold was missed. We Restore Water Damage is the go-to water damage restoration company for a large percentage of the population in Colorado Springs. Water damage restoration isn’t the only service that they specialize in. They can also help with storm damage repair, mold remediation, and fire damage repair. Their team of technicians have a lot of experience in this field and they offer 24/7 emergency responses so local residents can rest assured that they won’t have to stress about water damage in their home. If local residents or business owners are looking for professional water damage restoration technicians they should contact We Restore Water Damage today. An employee of the company said, "If water and mold is left untreated it will result in a ton more damage and a lot more expenses. If people notice water or mold in their property they should contact us right away to minimize damage and restore the area back to new." They can be contacted by phone or on their website at ###For more information about We Restore Water Damage Colorado Springs, CO 80921, contact the company here:We Restore Water Damage Colorado Springs, CO 80921We Restore Water Damage(719) 212-4586Colorado Springs, CO 80921ReleaseID: 60039161

Oct 29, 2020

Melbourne VIC Fresh Game Meat Contactless Evening Home Delivery Service Launched

Game meat specialists Nifra Poultry has updated its delivery options to include Tuesday and Friday evenings for people looking to receive fresh meat products delivered to their door.

Oct 29, 2020

Global Ceramic Tube Market To Grow Strongly And Reach USD 1.296 Billion By 2026 – ZMR

Global Ceramic Tube Market, which accrued earnings worth 1.296 (USD Billion) by 2026, is projected to record the CAGR of nearly 8% over the period from 2020 to 2026.

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