About Us

Daily Extreme is founded by 2 brothers, Aaron and Kyle who love extreme outdoor activities. We’re both born in the 90s and no, we don’t indulge ourselves in social media like any other teenagers do. Of course, it was fun in the first place, but isn’t it ridiculous seeing yourself with a dog filter all the time? I mean, what else is new out there?

We’re both very active in sports and we love exploring new extreme outdoor activities. The more challenging it is, the more we love it. So if you have any activities that you’d like to share it with us, just let us know! You name it, we’ll play it.

Daily Extreme is created to show youngsters the amazing world out there. We publish articles on a daily basis sharing our experience in adventure and action sports.

If you’re a fan of BMX, FMX, ski, kayak, kitesurf, skateboard, surf, and windsurf, Daily Extreme is the right place for you. With a highly professional and dedicated approach, we strive to inspire more people through a unique experience in the great outdoors.

In Daily Extreme, we play it extreme, but safe.

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